It’s an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system powered by ExpertBase


It’s an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system powered by ExpertBase and provided by ALTHEQAA. It’s a bundle of applications that works together to automate business processes and unite them together, and whatever is the business process, it can be applied to it. It also keep the business in sync under one system avoiding to use multiple different system. Applying it on business requires to rebuild the Business Processing Engineering, which change the business process workflow to be compatible with the new system. Due to the system’s complexity, it requires a sufficient time to implement and obtain its benefits. Although, the development requires a full integration between management and technology. It cannot be developed by relying on technicians only as it requires a deep understanding of business management aspects and the business nature as well.

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ExprtERP Benefits

Our Enterprise Resource Planning System – ERP has many features like:

Cost Reduction

Decrease the amount of cost and time consumed by tasks


We offer very fast troubleshootingا

Business Process

Easy to change the business process and expand it faster to be involved with new market

Efficiency and Reputation

Increase services efficiency and reputation


More wise decisions by depending on financial and accounts reports.

EXPERT Modules


The financial accounting system in any economic unit is the first basis for building an integrated information system

Fixed Assets

The program provides an easy way to manage and control the operations of fixed assets throughout their life-cycle

Human Capital

We offer software solutions based on customers variable needs and emphasized on added value on applying these solutions


Our Procurement unit system manages the company’s procurement manages the company’s procurement processes


Warehouse management is one of the important departments in any organization and cannot be established without it


Sales management system manages the sales operations in the organization, which is one of the most important business


Project-Portfolio system serves real estate, engineering and consulting companies where the system connects the contractor, owner, and project manager


Manufacturing system is one of our ERP modules that closely tracks manufacturing and production related processes

Fleet Management

Through this system it is possible to manage the company’s vehicles movements signing contracts with customers and partners

System Integration

ALTHEQAA has given attention to the interconnection between the different systems and the different databases

Auotmation Service

This service accomplishes all procedures and functions that require automatic execution through the server without human intervention